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Olaitan Tajudeen-Salaudeen is the Director, Head Human Resources of Eko Job Center Limited. Her communications and management skills are integral to the development of Eko Job Center.

She is also the Director of Legal, Compliance and Procurement at Radisson Blu Lagos, Ikeja. She is also a Director of Legal at Avalon Intercontinental Nigeria Limited.

Olaitan oversees the operational activities of three (3) Radisson Hotel Group managed hotels under the Avalon Group, activities ranging from sales and marketing to vendor and supplier relationship management.

She raises operational revenue for and re-branding of new hotels, she develops and ensures optimal systematic asset management processes to upgrade and or dispose of assets within the Avalon Group.

She is fully immersed in social development and has completed the Family System’s Engineering Course and works with a myriad of groups to ensure that resources are made available to as many people who requires these.

Olaitan holds a Honours in Law from the University of Keele, United Kingdom. She has also achieved a Masters in Law and Competition Law from the University College of London.

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