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Lucia Cobbina is the Chief Executive Officer of Eko Job Center Limited. As the Co-founder of Eko Job Center Limited. She was a wealth advisor and fund-raiser with background in first- rate recruitment services and international business development in the UK.

In addition, she also developed experience in share dealing, customer relations and advanced technology in education and the corporate sector.

Some years ago Lucia has set up a Consultancy firm in London, UK which she still manages till date. She then relocated to Lagos and started as an independent wealth advisor for VFD Group/Anchoria Asset Management.

Her multilingual skills enabled her to tap into international markets, both emerging and advanced market spaces, which have proven to be of great asset to the development of Eko Job Center. Lucia has undertaken several higher education courses that involved Leadership and Management.

She has also graduated with a Top Honours in Business Studies which she achieved at London Southbank University.

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