Eko Job Center is aiming to deploy twenty 40 foot prefabricated hubs in the main local governments of Lagos State. These will serve as a direct contact point for job seekers. Enquire if you would like to become a sponsor today!
Eko Job Center


In order for Eko Job Center to take full effect, we would require financial support from individuals, blue-chip companies or anyone that shares our view on making Lagos a better place.

Our goal is to have financial sponsors, co-branded with us and the State, on the most flexible negotiated terms and payment benchmarks possible. By sponsoring the Eko Job Foundation, you'll be able to help Eko Job Center accomplish its goal and enable job seekers the assistance they require in preparation of employment. Each job center will serve as a go-to hub, we believe that our hands-on service will nurture these individuals and empower them to continually upskill and reskill. As skill requirements evolve in years to come, this ‘learnability’ will ensure they can keep themselves productive and employable. Let us think of tomorrow and the generations ahead.
To find out about our sponsorship bands and the benefits of becoming a partner, please click on the below contact us button.

When we help people with employment, automatically their lives and prospects improve. Their children will get an education, they will have regular hot meals, there will be less delinquency in society and this culture will reverberate over generations to come.